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In the 40 years since the founding of our company in 1972, we have provided consulting services and professional advice to more than 1,200 clients.

In the first 20 years, our projects were all in the cultural sector.

In the second 20 years, we added social sector projects.

Our 1,200 projects have been carried out in communities all across Canada -- in villages, in towns, in regional cities and in major metropolitan centres.

Our Advice

We provide consulting services and professional advice in many forms

  • — Visioning and Strategic Planning
  • — Public Consultation and Surveys
  • — Governance and Policy Frameworks
  • — Recruitment and Human Resources
  • — Service Delivery and Revenue Generating Capacity
  • — Project Coordination and Communications
  • — Marketing and Analysis of Competitive Environment
  • — Economic Impact and Benefit Analysis
  • — Program Monitoring and Evaluation
  • — Capital Feasibility and Facilities Planning

Our Clients

We work with a diverse group of people and organizations.

  • — Boards of Education and Independent Schools
  • — Colleges and Universities
  • — Cultural Institutions, Producers and Presenters
  • — Economic Development and Tourism Agencies
  • — Foundations and Private Philanthropists
  • — Hospitals and Health Care Providers
  • — Municipal Governments, their Departments and Agencies
  • — National and Provincial Cultural and Heritage Agencies
  • — National and Provincial Sectoral Advocacy Organizations
  • — Private and Public Corporations
  • — Public Funding Agencies
  • — Regulatory Bodies
  • — Social Service Agencies and Providers

References may be provided upon request.

Our People

Our consulting services and professional advice are provided by a multi-disciplinary team

Brian Arnott

Leslie Wright

Zachary Mollica


BRIAN ARNOTT Founding Partner

Brian founded Novita Interpares in 1972, and has been involved in every one of the company's nearly 1,200 projects. For 40 years, Brian has specialized in strategic and business planning, feasibility and economic impact studies, cultural and heritage planning, and facility development in Canada and the US.

His varied background offers clients a consulting experience that is rooted in decades of practical understanding - both as a cultural practitioner and volunteer leader in many cultural organizations.

LESLIE WRIGHT Managing Partner

With 30 years of experience, Leslie is a specialist in the governance and management of nonprofit organizations, public consultation and facilitation, and the development and implementation of projects - locally, provincially, and nationally. Leslie has experience as an agency director and as a volunteer leader of major institutions.

Her work with Novita often involves facilitating collaborative and decision-making and working with a diverse range of stakeholders.

The Common Need

We have learned that every community -- whether it's a neighbourhood or a community of interest -- is unique in its character but shares a common need for ECONOMIC viability.

Local economies - at the organizational level, at the neighbourhood level, at the municipal level and at the regional level - all strive to be SUSTAINABLE.

We believe that four factors are involved in creating sustainable communities:

Our Approach

Sustainable villages, towns and neighbourhoods are built through a process of local advancement and benefits.

  • Based on:
  • — Vision and Sense of Common Purpose
  • — Strength of Social Capital and Public Policy
  • — Capacity to attract Financing, Investment and Philanthropy
  • Supported by:
  • — Local Retail and Service
  • — Local Making, Manufacturing and Building
  • — Local History Culture and Tourism
  • — Local Food and Hospitality
  • — Local Learning
  • — Local Helping Support and Affinity
  • — Personal Health and Wellbeing

Taking Our Own Advice

The advice we provide to others related to organizational and community sustainability is advice we practice ourselves.

Lunenburg, Nova Scotia is a UNESCO World Heritage site and a model town for community development. Novita Interpares is the lead in a family of wholly owned business enterprises based in Lunenburg which include:


We want to hear from you. For all inquiries please send and email to our Managing Partner, Leslie Wright

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